I Like to Write When I’m Happy

I have a million and one things to say. I have to figure out how to say them when I’m not feeling my best. When I’m happy I like to write. If I’m busy or stressed or sad or etc. . . you get the idea, I don’t.

Not so much this                 

More like this

In the past month I’ve had a hard time sitting down and putting words to paper. There were tons of projects I needed to finish and school is about to start (I’m a teacher). PAPER WORK! I’ve found myself starting at least 15 posts yet never finishing any of them.

So dear blogger world. What do you do when life starts to intrude upon your ability to sit down and write about it?  

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5 responses to “I Like to Write When I’m Happy”

  1. internetblogtips says :

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    One of the BEST TIPS Todate……………

  2. penelopevon says :

    Carve out time no matter what.. Even if it’s only 15 minutes and write what’s in your heart. Also, I do my best thinking in the shower 🙂

    • polly6119 says :

      I like the idea of carving out time. That way from 7:30 to 8:00 every night is “post time” and nothing is allowed to disturb that 30 min. Even if I don’t finish the post I can finish it the next night during “post time”. I like that! I’ll even make a sign to put over my computer. LOL THANKS!!

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