To Dr. Who. . .Or Not To Dr. Who. . .

My significant other asked me tonight if I want to watch Dr. Who. I said yes, then I quickly said no. I have such a hard time with Dr. Who. I’m scared I won’t LOVE it, obsess over it, want to make it my life partner, etc. . .like so many of my friends do.

I mean, what if I don’t like it? *looks around* I hope no one heard me write that. What if I do like it but don’t want to marathon the seasons from 1964 – 2014 (or whatever the hell years it was on) and therefore will be called a “poser” by all the “Whovians” that are in the know?! Therefore, I just……….don’t watch it. Every time I get an itch to see what it is that has got everybody so worked up I start to have a panic attack. 
               They will look at me like this and I will start to sweat and eventually confess to stealing the apple from that fruit vendor when I was 7. . .

(side note) I just wanted to see if the fruit vendor guy would catch me. I didn’t really want the apple. He didn’t catch me. Then I was stuck with the it because I couldn’t take it back. I felt to guilty to eat it. So I walked around all day with that damn apple not knowing what to do. The oppressive guilt weighing me down like a heavy yolk upon my neck. . . .

JUST KIDDING! I laid it down on the table by his booth. I’m sure he saw it a few minutes later.   

OK, back to my story:
OR WORSE, what if I DO become as fanatical about Dr. Who as so many others are? I don’t have time for that shit!! I got stuff to do! When would I fit in all that episode watching? It would take me FOREVER to catch up at this point! We are talking decades of Dr. Who seasons. I would have to quit my job and find one of those chairs that allows you to poo and watch T.V. at the same time.

                             This . . .this is impressive. . . and. . . sad.  
                         Of course there is always the cheaper alternative: 
                                      This. should. not. be. a. thing.

So, for now I shall stick with Walking Dead and Vikings. Have I mentioned that I like the show Vikings. . . because I fucking like that show and if you are interested in watching it, go ahead! It’s on Netflix and there are only TWO freaking seasons! What is that. . .a weekend? NOW THAT is totally doable!!



8 responses to “To Dr. Who. . .Or Not To Dr. Who. . .”

  1. jake says :

    first off, little to no who fans under sixty have watched all the classic episodes. its a life goal, certainly, but there are so. damn. many. i havent even started.

    start with the relaunch. even then, youre probably not gonna get sucked righhhht away. its quirky, and if have to come to slowly have the good feels. id suggest making yourself watch the first two seasons, all, together. the first is with the ninth doctor, who only gets one season, and the second is the introduction of ten who is fuckmazing and will be around for a while. in two seasons, youll get a feel for how it works, catch one regeneration, and hopefully fall in love with tennant.

    the show gets best when it starts getting self referential and itll start rewarding you for keeping with it. so after two its not going to be at its peak for ya, obv, but youll have a good sense of whether you care enough to stay with it. AND youll know enough to fake it when quizzed. 🙂

    • polly6119 says :

      OH thank God Jake! When I read, “First off. . .” I thought I had pissed someone off. As a female, those two words have started many an argument. LOL

      This is good advice. It IS summer. As soon as this fundraiser is over maybe I can sit down and start. I can’t promise I won’t end up playing a video game instead though. I get distracted easily. 😛

  2. SpookyJill says :

    The way I see it, you can Who if and how you wanna Who. I’ve only seen a handful of classic eps. From the reboot, I like Nine, LOVE LOVE Ten, can’t stand Eleven. Any Who purist who thinks I’m doing it wrong can kiss my Allons-y tattoo (which would be a much more effective statement if the tattoo were on my butt instead of my collarbone, whoops).

    I recommend giving the reboot a try and seeing if it clicks with you. If it does, you’re in for a lot of goofy fun and ALL THE FEELS. All of them. If it doesn’t click, then it’s just not for you.

  3. John Bono says :

    Start with Midnight. È molto bene.

  4. christenap says :

    Since when do you care what other people think about you? If someone wants to call you a poser, they’re going to. Don’t let it get to you. Poser.

    JK. I haven’t seen any of the classic episodes. Or pretty much any of Matt Smith episodes cuz I don’t like him. SpookyJill and I have the same taste. And you’re not going to get sucked in immediately, I promise. I had to work through a few first episodes to get to love Nine, then he was gone and I was sad. Then Ten came around and at first I was like “Eh I don’t know about this guy” but then I FELL IN FRICKING LOVE.

    Moral of the story, don’t worry about it.

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