Embarrasing Moment of the Month

The other day I’m in Pet Smart looking for a dog bed/maybe crate. I decide to get a closer look at a box and struggle to get it off the shelf, set it on the floor, and start to walk/drag it down the isle when a guy comes jogging after me saying “Excuse me!” I turn around and think, “Do I know this guy?” But, he was REALLY attractive! Like a young Matt Damon. I probably would have remembered him if I had.


Has he been swimming in long sleeves?
Has he been running and is covered in sweat?
My labido says #2!!

(Side Note)

I think older Matt Damon is wayyyyy hotter than younger Matt Damon. The End.

Back to the story:

So this guy stops and looks a me for a few seconds with a cute little smirk on his face and I think, “There is NO WAY this dude is hitting on me. Right. . .right?” Then he says. . .”The back of your dress is caught in your. . .um. . . .” Then he starts to look a little nervous and I am MORTIFIED!!!

My eyes become saucers and I say the first thing that comes to mind, “OH MY GOD! I went to the bathroom!” This does not explain why my dress is in my panties but probably makes him think I just peed myself.

I can think of nothing else to say however. I quickly pull my dress out and it’s pretty much the whole back of my dress, and stammer how sorry I am like me showing my ass in a busy store was planned as a personal blow towards him. Then he gets serious and says “Oh no, It’s not. . . ” He let that hang. . . so did I. . .as I quickly walked away.


In the process of doing research for this post I came the the conclusion that at least I’m not alone.

2 responses to “Embarrasing Moment of the Month”

  1. christenap says :

    HAHAHAHA oh my god I still love this. I can totally envision this story. Can this be a quickie???

    • polly6119 says :

      Oh, my God! that would be a fantastic quickie!!

      This is for anyone who is reading this and does not know what a quickie is. Every year a local theater (that Christena and I both act at) puts on a 10 minute play festival. Every show is written by people in the community. It’s pretty cool. Some shows are Fantastic! Some, not so much. LOL

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