Don’t Get Pissed!!


There should be a study to find out if there are any people who DON’T pee in the ocean.

For the 7 or so people who will see this, please don’t get upset but I am on vacation this week. Some friends and I are going to the BEACH!! There may be some pictures and if some crazy shit goes down I will post. It may not be every day however.

I know, I know I am letting the two of you that care down. But come on, I’m sure you can find something else to do rather than sit at home crying that I am posting less frequently.

Sitting around NAKED and crying apparently.

Like, go to the petting zoo or  . . . . . . . .watch VIKINGS. It is cool as hell! I love that show!

It’s “based” (meaning some liberties were taken) on real people and is a History channel original. However, you can also get it on Netflix!! I LOVE history. I have a history degree. You are right! I’ve said before that I have a performing arts degree. Well. . . I have both. 😛 I know. . . .that’s crazy as shit!!

All right, I am off to the beach! Please pray to baby Jesus that I don’t swallow anyone’s pee even though EVERYONE pees in the ocean.


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