This Is a Long One! Carve Aside Some Time If You Read It.

A friend posted this article on his page:

My response:

I read the article and am rather confused. A lot of stuff was left out.

1. I have a question? Did he have someone in his family who is transgender and they had meaningful conversations with and he held them as they cried through the humiliation that living like that just naturally makes you feel. Has he gone into the community and known and become friends with and made bonds with people who are transgender. Has he spoken with multiple parents of transgender children and asked for their perspective? I will answer for you Chris. The answer is no. I will not say if his opinion is right or wrong. I will say he shows a marked lack of empathy and understanding in how he approached the topic.

2. Even if it is. So what! Who are they hurting? Why does he care!?

3. Conversion therapy is very dangerous as long as society has people who revile homosexuals. Does he really think that ONLY people who CHOOSE to be gay will be seeking out therapy? That parents and churches won’t be “lovingly” forcing homosexuals into it? That some parents and churches aren’t making homosexuals hate themselves so much that they will be the ones seeking the therapy. When the problem lies with the parents and the churches. Again, WHY do we even need it? Someone who chooses homosexual sex is still doing no wrong. If you think it they are, the problem lies with you.

4. There are gay bullies. But there are heterosexual bullies. The most rampant and soul destroying issue is bullying against homosexuals. The reason the issue has come to the collective consciousness of our society is because it was causing them to KILL themselves. I was bullied horribly in school. I grew up poor and had a very sick (cancer) mother at home so I went to school looking pretty awkward (clothes not matching or inside out, hair dirty, same outfit many days in a row etc. . ). But, no matter how bad it got I NEVER wanted to kill myself. Want to know why? Because my church never said I was going to hell for having dirty hair. No one ever told me I was a pervert and the core of who I was, was disgusting and unlovable. You see, it’s not the bullies per say. It’s what the rest of society heaps on top of what the bullies do.

5. I agree that if there are bad people in the world. That just as there are some grown men who would molest a teenage girl there are some bad homosexual men who may molest a teenage boy. This has NOTHING to do with them being homosexual however. Just as most grown men would NEVER do something like that neither would most homosexual men. So if approached from that angle the author will sound less happily ignorant and maybe trying to write what he thinks someone wants to hear.

Please remember Chris. Every hair on our head is counted. God keeps a tally of every word we write, every thing we say. It all has far reaching effects that we don’t know about. Everything we do can hurt or heal. Everything we do brings love or hate. When we decide to have an opinion and to spout that opinion we need to make sure we are doing it for and with God. . . and ONLY him. What other people want should never be part of the equation. These are serious issues. Issues that can bring people closer to God or ostracize them from him.

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3 responses to “This Is a Long One! Carve Aside Some Time If You Read It.”

  1. christenap says :

    I find it very interesting that he starts out the artical called “5 Truths You’re Not Allowed to Say about Gays in America” with comparing a transgendered (not necessarily gay) person to a cow. Like what? That’s not even the same thing AT ALL. After that, I just kind of stopped reading. This guy is obviously ignorant.

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