That’s How It’s Done People!!

So my niece is pregnant. I know right? I don’t want to be called a great aunt. Well, I want to be called a great aunt but only because I am an aunt that is great. UGH! It does help that my niece was born when I was 13 so. . . you know. . . . . . . .WHATEVER! Fine! *sigh* Bring on the grey hair and saggy boobs!


This is how I feel about getting old.

However, as usual I am digressing into territory that is not the real topic. The real topic? Baby showers. I don’t know what to make of them. I usually try to avoid them like I do wedding showers, weddings, high teas (whatever the hell those are), and pretty much any occasion you have to dress up and look like you are having fun when you are, in fact, not really having fun. I haven’t been to that many baby showers but the few I have been to were slow torture. They either end up making me eat baby food or wrapping me up in a toilet paper diaper, or both. 

That dude is about to weep. He is just one, “Bobbing for Baby Bottles” away from a break down.


     This is ……………………*sigh*………………………………this is fun times

Don’t get me wrong I like doing silly crap as much as the next guy. But it needs to be in the right environment. There is always a feeling of forced joviality to these things. Usually you have card tables set up with paper table cloths over them, some finger food, red plastic solo cups (For Koolaid Punch!), and a cake. It all looks half assed and temporary. Adding all these games feels to me like people are trying to create fun out of thin air. I don’t believe “showers” were meant to be a “fun” time in the first place. Baby showers and the like are meant to be a pleasant experience where you sit around waiting for someone to open your gift so you can see if they like it, then you leave.

It got me to thinking. Maybe there are some people who only get to party when they go to a shower. That IS their social life.So, these people got together and decided that showers have to be FUN! Games must be played! Everyone must spend 4-5 hours sitting around trying to look happy…………………………To these people I say, STOP! JUST STOP IT!

Today at my niece’s shower I found myself pleasantly surprised. It was in an actual house, not a wreck room somewhere. There was no paper. . . .anything. Appetizers and drinks were served, pictures were taken, she opened her presents, more pictures were taken, and then we left. THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE PEOPLE!!!

*whispers* That’s how it’s done. *wipes away a tear of pride*

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2 responses to “That’s How It’s Done People!!”

  1. christenap says :

    Baby shower games are the literal worst.

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