Dana Festivus Witch Project?

Blair Festivus Project?

Every Christmas my friends and I get together and celebrate Festivus. What’s Festivus you say? It’s a made up holiday that originated on Seinfeld. What’s Seinfeld you say? It’s a sitcom that ran in the nineties (yes, the nineties, I’m that old) that was quite funny. For more information on them do a Google search. You’ll not be disappointed.

My friends decided to rent a couple of cabins this year for Festivus and fun times were had by all . . .well until Mary Beth broke her ankle, but that’s a story for another day. This story is about how during a walk in the woods a few of us came across a weird structure made out of sticks. We all stopped in our tracks. I pulled out my phone and we created this Oscar worthy film/short.

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