Net Neutrality ~ Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night 2

ImageSo, we the American people are getting screwed again. Corporations are taking over the United States. It. is. really. happening. With Citizens United I thought, “What the Fuck!?” But not, “This is the beginning of the end!” Really though, it was.

The loss of Net Neutrality was the final straw for me. In the past it has always been a dictator, a megalomaniac, a tyrant that stole a country. This time . . . it’s Comcast, Verizon (I wonder if there is a connection between the fact that Verizon let the NSA spy on the America people and the fact that the government is now selling the internet to them? Hmmm. . .), Monsanto etc. . .  This isn’t a democracy anymore.

As a child I truly felt like the US was a great country. Now it’s just an oligarchy on it’s way to a revolution in 60 years. Net Neutrality is pretty much us getting fucked and then. . . fucked again. I have been reading the messages that people have been sending the FCC about bringing Net Neutrality back and a number of things struck me.

1. A lot of people don’t know it’s already a done deal. Net Neutrality has already been abolished. Why the FCC is allowing people to comment I have no idea. Probably something for the 1% to read and laugh at as they destroy another piece of our Democracy.

2. I read about 200 of the 94,000 comments sent in by June 6th and every one I read was by a perfectly sane person who knew what they were talking about. NOT ONE crazy. Not one. We, the average person (intelligent people at that) are starting to see that America is slowly slipping through our fingers.

3. There is nothing funny about net neutrality but some of the comments were quite clever. . . or just pissed off and full of cuss words and for me that’s pretty enjoyable too.

So far my favorite:

“I do not believe that ending net neutrality would be a wise choice. It would hinder start up companies and benefit only those who had the funds with which to pay for a higher bandwidth. One of the greatest things about the internet is the fact that data flows freely, with no hindrance. In conclusion, eat a big fat bag of dicks you fucking douche canoe…net neutral 4 life!”

I am so angry with myself for not copying the guys name. He left it on June 5th 2014. If anyone else comes across it and wanted to tell me his name. PLEASE DO! 

If you don’t know about the loss of Net Neutrality yet here is the link to John Oliver’s show that explains it,

Here is a link to the FCC Comments page.

I know I said it won’t do any good, but leave a comment anyway, miracles sometimes happen. If nothing else, our grand children will have proof that WE THE PEOPLE did not silently agree to the selling out of our country.  Click on the link and troll the hell out of it!!



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