SOLAR ROADWAYS are Pretty Gosh Darn Cool

If you have not heard of Solar Roadways please watch the video before you continue on your journey through my post.

OK now that you are hyped up and want Solar roadways like a baby wants its mamas milk!! Which is a lot because babies have very little fat on them at first and . . .OK I digress.

A a few friends of mine have posted or blogged about Solar Roadways (I always hear that dude in my head now screaming, “SOLAR FREAKIN ROADWAYS!” Mission accomplished dude. Mission accomplished.) and one friend I’ll call “Bart” (he’ll LOVE IT! hee hee) not only posted the video but wrote, in essence, that there are always drawbacks so don’t overlook those in your excitement. I love pragmatic friends. Seriously, I think they are cool as hell. They keep me grounded. Someone else came on arguing that mass transit was the way to go and we are lagging behind the European countries. I know you have heard this before.

(Side Note) When people want us to change over to a system that works well with European countries please keep in mind how large the United States is. One European country is the size of one of our states. I live in Georgia (I know! It is BEAUTIFUL HERE!! But, yeah it’s got its problems. I will write about them in a different post.) but I have relatives in California, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico. Call me a masochist but I don’t always fly (Well, to California I do. That’s just to flippin far) and mass transit IS NOT an option. I took the bus once. I cried for THREE days. It took THREE DAYS! It may not have been a full three days but it felt like 5 and a half. In a car it takes 12 hours. This is what I learned. People NEED to wash their fucking feet!!!! The end. Oh and the bus driver made me feel dirty for eating a blow pop.

Back to original blog topic. This was my response to the guy who brought up mass transit and that it would cost too much money to build, SOLAR FREAKIN ROADWAYS!! (UGH! It’s starting to get old already) “Of course it’s going to cost a LOT of money to completely recover ALL of the roadways, parking lots, bridges, playgrounds, etc. . .in the united states. That’s logical. It cost a LOT of money to build them in the first place. Just as they were not built all at once however neither will be solar roadways. Solar Roadways are a great idea with HUGE (I like large words every so often) benefits for our society. I think mass transit is a great idea with a lot of benefits to our society. But, come on! This is Merica! We’re gonna go big or not go at all.”

So what do you think? Should we try the solar roadways. What are the drawbacks? Are there better options?

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