Are Facebook attacks going the way of the dinosaur?


Like many people, I Facebook a LOT. LOL I have quite a few friends/family in state and out of state online that I keep up with through this medium. I have read, and embarrassingly been a part of, a few Facebook “debates” in the past. But, lately I have seen less and less of this way of arguing a point and more posts where people just have a discussion about two opposing views. What if Facebook were a place that people could go to read others thought and opinions . . .with an open mind? A place where people could go for a free flow of ideas? A place where civil discourse was apparent and people talked and listened to each other. Let me repeat that last part. Where people listened to each other. A place where we felt comfortable posting our opinion without angry retort but instead receive a calm rebuttal.To be honest I think it’s actually getting better. This old worn out way of battling each other is starting to feel so antiquated. I have seen less of it lately. Maybe it’s dying out? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. What’s your take on this?

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2 responses to “Are Facebook attacks going the way of the dinosaur?”

  1. fchorns says :

    Well now, I think you could be right! It’s my observation that among friends there is little attack and argument and mostly civil discourse and sharing of opinions. Among large groups and posts on “hot topics” though, that’s where I see the attacks. So I stay away from those! I think the key to any good debate or sharing of ideas and opinions is open mindedness and mindful listening.

    • polly6119 says :

      There are also periods of time when it gets worse, like during an election. I agree about the key being open mindedness and mindful listening. I notice how you used “mind” in both of those. Right on! WE need to use our minds more and our reflex reactions less.

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