Hello and Welcome to Crapithinkiscool. This blog is about crap that I think is cool. That really can be anything, pictures, videos, things that happen that I think are funny, and musings. You’ll probably get a lot of musings. I apologize in advance. Comment all you want. I love discussions!! Civil discourse is the bomb diggity!! I also need to warn you that there will be cussing at times. Not that I use that as my primary source of communication (unlike Cleve, my boyfriend when I was 22) but I have a tendency to use them when I get excited. I get excited a lot! So be prepared for that. I hear helmets made out of aluminum work well. If you are offended by cursing please, please make yourself and aluminum helmet and wear it while you read my blog. Now that I think of it maybe everyone should do that. . . just to be on the safe side. It will not help in any way with stopping the cuss words but it will make me the happiest person on earth!! In fact, take pictures of the aluminum helmets and upload them to my site. Maybe I’ll think of a special prize for the most creative ones. On that note, Have a lovely day and I’ll talk to you soon. Please look to your right and click on my recent blogs. Seriously guys. I’ve written other blogs. Go read them!

Oh and. . .fuck



18 responses to “About”

  1. Marty says :

    Cannot wait to read more.

  2. polly6119 says :

    Thanks Marty!!

  3. Antonio says :

    I’m designing my helmet tonight.

  4. polly6119 says :

    I don’t know how you’re going to outdo my helmet! That helmet is sweeeet!

  5. Chase says :

    I foresee this to be an informative blog 🙂 was that last word an exclamation or directive?

  6. Alicia/Al says :

    This is a great read so far. It went well with my breakfast!

  7. Gary Michael (@Atefold) says :

    I think we should have a helmet contest now!? I’m posting mine tomorrow. It’s fancy.

  8. joel says :

    Hope it goes well. I’ll be checking in as often as possible. But I have to ask, how many blogs can you do about turds you like the smell, shape and consistency of? 😉

    • polly6119 says :

      This made me bray like a donkey! Bhahahaha! Joel don’t give away my secrets like this. I was going to slowly divulge this information about myself when I thought people were ready. Thanks for outing that information man!!! LOL

  9. Erin Jacobs says :

    Love this Dana! Really excited to keep reading!

  10. angel says :

    so i really wanna see the original version of your movie..without a review person speaking over everyone…yea that would be pretty nice 🙂

  11. paul says :

    I’m reading them! 🙂

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